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            Respectful new and old customers and friends from all walks of life,


            Welcome to our company website. Thank you for your trust, kindness, cares, and supports to us.


            Operation philosophy: “high-quality products, first-rate services, customer first and joint development”. Our company will spare no efforts to provide perfect and integrated solutions for customers, to grow and drive industry development together with customers and industry elites. We will treat every day as a new start , sublimating corporate reputation with high-quality products and services.


            Development can not do without supports and great kindness of customers, partners, and staffs. In face of increasingly fierce market competition, our company will unceasingly perfect operation mechanism, realize resource allocation utility maximization, speed up enhancing research and development level, and continuously improve products’ precision, performance, service life, reliability, stability, and added values. And at the same time, we will positively construct and maintain strategic partnership with customers. In addition, we will become internationalization and complement two market's advantages at the time of expanding domestic market, bringing more benefits for all customers, shareholders, partners, and enterprise employees.


            As an individual in the society, we insist more in enterprise’s sense of responsibility to the society. Besides providing safe products and services, we will throw ourselves into various public benefit activities and report back on the society.

            員工的創造力是企業發展壯大的源泉。公司推行 “誠信、合作、正直、責任、進取”的企業文化,使每個員工的自身價值能夠得到體現,并實現員工和企業的共同進步和發展。

            Employees’ creativity is the source for enterprise’s development and growth. With the enterprise culture of “Integrity, cooperation, integrity, responsibility  and   enterprising”, employees’ values can be fully embodied and mutual improvement and development of employees and our enterprise can be realized.


            For this reason, we will make persistent efforts and work with perseverance.